Welcome to iDiya!

Our story started from a simple idea. As a second-generation Sikh-Canadian mother, I am always looking for ways to engage my child in all of the wonderful customs and traditions that our South Asian heritage has to offer.

While celebrating Diwali and Bandi Chhor Divas in 2021, I couldn't help but notice our neighbourhood was missing festive inflatables, symbolizing the joyous occasion. Searching online and unable to find anything that solved my needs, I decided to bring my iDiya to life.

As a small business, we believe in high quality and exceptional customer service.

At iDiya, our passion to find creative and fun ways to celebrate South Asian customs and traditions means that we only provide products to our customers that we feel excited about. We are here to redefine how South Asian traditions are celebrated and provide an avenue for our youth to connect with our roots.

We hope you are excited to come along with us on our journey!